THE WEDDING Present will take their year-long Bizarro anniversary tour to the Holmfirth Picturedrome on August 16.

The band is celebrating the 30th birthday of major-label debut album Bizarro, building on the popularity of 2017’s George Best 30 album, commemorating their first-ever album.

A spokesman said: “The Wedding Present’s second proper studio album, Bizarro, cut down a bit on the frenetic jangle that the band had been known for in its early days and replaced it with healthy doses of darkness and power.

“Adding some fuzzy, crunchy, distortion to give the guitars some hefty impact, slowing the tempos down to speeds that allowed vocalist David Gedge to squeeze more heartbroken despair and bleak sarcasm out of every line and generally upping their game in every way, the album was the fullest realization of The Wedding Present’s sound yet.”