A WOMAN who lost her husband and two sons in the Valley Parade fire disaster is appealing for help to erect a vandal-proof memorial after a plaque in their memory was stolen for a second time.

Hazel Greenwood lost husband Peter, 46, and sons Felix, 13, and Rupert, 11, in the Bradford City fire tragedy 35 years ago.

Their ashes were scattered at Widdop in the Calder Valley, where the family spent many happy times.

Hazel, who lives near Keighley, had a plaque in their memory secured on a rock near the spot where the children used to play.

The inscription reads: “Above here on the moors are scattered the ashes of Felix aged 13 years and Rupert aged 11 years, along with those of their father, Peter Greenwood, aged 46 years, who all died together on the 11th of May 1985. This was a place they loved.”

But the stainless steel plaque has now been stolen for a second time.

The theft was discovered in May, but could have happened any time within the previous six months. It had previously been stolen in 2011.

Hazel is now looking to replace the memorial once again and is appealing for help and advice as to what can be done to deter vandals from striking again.

“It was so firmly fixed with four stainless steel bolts that whoever took it came prepared with the correct tools,” she said.

“I was in a state of shock when I discovered the loss. I was with close friends from Cheshire who had never been before, so you can imagine how I felt.”

She added: “I contacted the land agent of Lord Savile, who owns the land – he told me none of his men had removed it. I have permission to replace it.”

Peter – who worked as deputy head at Bradford’s former Thorn Park School for Deaf Children – was booking secretary at the nearby Scout hostel. A plaque on the building, now owned by the National Trust, bears a similar inscription dedicated to him.

“I don’t want to be beaten,” added Hazel, who also has a daughter, Jessica.

The last time the plaque went missing, in 2011, she spoke of her shock and sadness. “I feel sorry for the people who have done this – they can’t have any feelings or humanity,” she said.

“Very few people go through in life what I have gone through and I’m left to carry a big burden. A theft like this brings it all back.” Anyone who can help or advise Hazel can e-mail her on sandpiper61@talktalk.net.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “We received a report a commemorative plaque had been removed from near Widdop reservoir. The plaque is reported to have been removed between 30 November and 11 May.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101, quoting crime reference 13190242427.