BIG-HEARTED Keighley people are donating money to help the children of a tragic young couple who moved from Keighley to Australia.

Mick Broadbent lost his wife Emma to cancer last month leaving him on his own to bring up their four children, the youngest aged six.

In the weeks before Em’s death in the UK family and friends – believing she had longer to live – had launched a GoFundMe appeal to raise £5,000.

The money was intended to help the family ‘make memories’ in the months following the end of Em’s treatment for breast cancer, enabling the family to spend as much time together without having to worry about the financial burden.

But tragedy struck less than a fortnight after the appeal was launched, when she succumbed to the disease.

By this the appeal had raised £1,399, which will be used to help ease the future for Mick and the children.

Mick’s sister Donna Barnes said the family had relocated to Sydney due to work commitments, and started a new life Down Under.

She said: “That life is now broken and all their loved ones and friends they grew up with are here in Keighley.

“I wanted them to know that the future is not scary but one full of support and love.

“Em lost her courageous and inspirational battle to breast cancer. Mick her husband now faces the reality of an uncertain career future as a travelling sales rep.

“If ever there was a good reason for the community to come together this is it.”

The GoFundMe page was created on July 13, the day after Em was told that treatment for her cancer had stopped and she was told she had just months to live. Em, whose maiden name was Butterfield, died on July 23.

Donna said: “Em was diagnosed with breast cancer on her 38th birthday and since then has battled with amazing strength, courage and positivity to be met at every turn with the worst outcomes.

”She had BRCA 1 positive, triple negative breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy, had her fallopian tubes and ovaries removed, three bouts of chemo, 1 bout of radiotherapy and three immunotherapy trials.

“She was given the all-clear at one stage, only for the cancer to return in her lungs, spine, pelvis and left femur.

”This is a proud family oh would never ask for help...but pride wont pay the bills.”

Anyone who wishes to help the family should visit