TWISTED Wheel play Leeds Festival on Saturday, August 24 as part of a busy year of touring.

The band are touring on the back of their single Nomad Hat and in advance of the November release of new album DNA.

After spending several DPs were the first few months of the year in the recording studio the promised the most relevant, complete and inspired material to date.

Opening single Nomad Hat flipped the narrative of loss, pain and self-destruction mirrored throughout last year’s Jonny Guitar EP.

The focus with the new songs is on new beginnings, of new possibilities and a never-say die invincibility.

A spokesman said: “Brown’s ability to shift the tide from a place of no-hope to a place of assertive class and triumph encapsulates the fighting spirit of the band.

“The band is a true force to be reckoned with against the grain of dourness and predictability. The lyrics strike a call for freedom against the digital hysteria which now dominates every corner of our lives.