WHEELCHAIR users at a sheltered housing scheme are fearing for their safety.

The absence of a dropped kerb means they are unable to get onto the pavement unaided when they leave the complex.

Instead they’re forced to travel about 200 yards in the road to reach a point where they can access the pathway.

Calls to Bradford Council to take action have so far gone unheeded.

Among those voicing concerns is 68-year-old Elizabeth Deighton, a tenant at the retirement properties – at the bottom of Strawberry Street, Keighley.

She is one of around half a dozen residents at the Anchor scheme who use wheelchairs, and there are others with mobility issues.

Mrs Deighton says there is a downward slope to exit the building, where there are about 50 homes.

But the section of pavement as you leave the site has a standard kerb.

“There are 60-or-so people live in the complex so with nearby houses too it’s a very busy area,” says Mrs Deighton, who moved to the flats with her husband Philip about four years ago.

“A lot of motorists use the street.

“Because of the kerb it’s impossible for those in wheelchairs to get onto the pavement, so you have no choice but to travel in the road – and for quite some distance.

“It’s a narrow street and with all the traffic about you just don’t feel safe in a wheelchair.

“We’ve contacted the council about the situation but nothing has happened.

“I can’t imagine it would be a huge job to instal a dropped kerb.”

Bradford Council says its officers would be “happy” to meet-up with residents to discuss the issue.

A spokesman said: “Officers from our highways department are happy to meet with Mrs Deighton and other residents to see what changes could be possible on this street to improve things.

“We can’t promise anything and we will have to work with Anchor Housing if it is their property, but we will certainly see what we can do.”

Tonson Court consists of a mixture of one, two and three-bedroom properties for rent by over-55s.

It runs social activities including coffee afternoons, day trips and bingo for tenants and provides a wide range of facilities such as a communal lounge and garden with seating area.