KAY MELLOR’S comedy A Passionate Woman will be staged by Bingley Little Theatre on September 16-21.

The popular play exploring a middle-aged woman’s reaction to her son’s wedding can be seen at Bingley Arts Centre.

The significant family event becomes a catalyst in revealing a long-buried secret.

Mark was born to Betty in the 1950s and 30 years later, upon his wedding, Betty reveals that her early married life was not as he might have imagined.

Betty, trapped in her conventional and passionless marriage, had fallen in love with a charismatic Polish neighbour nicknamed Craze. Betty abandoned herself to a passion she never believed possible.

Kay Mellor was inspired to write this play by her own family history when her own mother Dinah confided in her (during the washing-up) that she had had an affair with a Polish man who died before Mellor was born, and that the affair was passionate – and tragic.

A spokesman said: “A Passionate Woman examines themes of love and loss, the power of secrets and what happens when a major life event triggers memories of earlier times.

“It is a witty play, full of humour, but not a comedy.”

Keighley Playhouse actress Gilly Rogers, an experienced producer and actor at Bingley Little Theatre, is directing A Passionate Woman.

She promises a production to engage the emotions that so unexpectedly emerge from an everyday family event.

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