A THIRD set of temporary traffic lights are causing misery for commuters travelling along the A629 this morning.

It is the third time in three weeks that work has been carried out on the road between Cross Hills and Skipton.

Twice in August, BT Openreach put up lights to work on the side of the road near the Cononley and Farnhill junction.

Yesterday evening Yorkshire Water put up temporary lights further along the road towards Kildwick.

This morning long delays were being experienced by commuters travelling in both directions, with tail backs along the bypass in the direction of Keighley.

One commuter who lives in Wilsden sent in footage of stationary traffic heading towards Kildwick roundabout.

She said there had been no prior warning of the roadworks and it caused her to be late for work in Skipton.

Another commuter said he saw the roadworks and traffic lights in place when he left Skipton on Tuesday evening, but said there was no one working there at the time.

He said there had been no prior notices put up to warn people in advance.

Yorkshire Water said the work was taking place between September 3 and 6, but have not given any details yet of what the nature of the work is.