CROSS Hills band The Marble Arches opened for big-name acts like James and Echo And The Bunnymen at a Bingley music festival.

The Marble Arches played the main stage at the Bingley Weekender this month after winning the annual Emerging Talent competition.

Previous winners of Emerging Talent have played the main stage at Bingley Music Live, in Myrtle Park, which was this year cancelled.

The Marble Arches, fronted by singer-songwriter Harry Wainwright-Little won their way through Emerging Talent heats at the Exchange in Keighley, beating the best bands and solo performers from across the district.

The band released double A side single This Is What Ignorance Does this year in May, then their song Look At Me When I Talk was added to VEVO’s Incoming Rock Playlist, receiving over 10,000 views.

The Marble Arches are set to perform a show at SORM Studios in Little Germany, Bradford, on September 29 to celebrate winning the Bingley Weekender slot, and will return to playing The Lending Room on November 1 with 360 Club.

The band specialises in music intended to touch, shock and explode with loud noises, slick melodies and deep bass in the most gratifying way.

This Is What Ignorance Does consisted of the songs Look At Me When I Talk and Put Your Hands Against The Wall.

The band was formed in 2014 as a creative outlet for the music Harry was making, which eventually evolved into a larger project in late 2017. The power trio now features Paul Brown on bass and Will Long on drums.

The band toured the UK off the back of their debut EP Under The Marble Arches, with airplay on BBC Introducing in York and West Yorkshire, and played sets at renowned London venues.

A spokesman said: “The band built a strong connection with each other’s musical understanding, taking what was in Harry’s head and adapting it to the sound of a three-piece powerhouse of musicians and misfits.

“Enlisting the help of the wildly experimental Snowflake-inc as producer, the band recorded two mammoth tracks that jar across The Marble Arches’ tonal soundscape yet meet harmoniously together under one phrase.