VOLUNTEERS have issued thanks to everyone who helped Cliffe Castle Museum and Park win the coveted Heritage Green Flag status.

The recently-formed Cliffe Castle Support Group (CCSG) said it was proud to be associated with the successful bid to climb the awards ladder. While there are 1,700 locations in the UK with Green Flag status, only 94 have the added Heritage accreditation.

A spokesman for the group said: “This is just reward for all the effort put into showcasing Cliffe Castle’s heritage for the benefit of the public. The award recognises excellence in the condition of all Cliffe Castle’s historic features, the enabling of the public in their use and enjoyment of these features, and the maintaining of historic character and appearance.

“These three categories require not only hard-working staff and volunteers to look after Cliffe Castle’s many historic features and stage events, but evidence of enthusiastic public participation.”

CCSG said one example of this participation came when the main gates of Cliffe Castle Park on Skipton Road were gilded. The group funded the project, while museum and park staff passed on their expertise to local people so they could help carry out the gilding.

The spokesman added: “The award plaque will be on proud display, the award flag will be flying, and CCSG will continue their support of a wide variety of activities.”

Dan Palmer, the park’s Heritage Officer, agreed that last year’s awarding of the Green Flag, and the new Heritage Green Flag, was due to a great team effort.

He added: “Cliffe Castle Support Group has been amazing whilst other local partners, including Airedale Beekeepers, Bradford Works, Keighley BID, town and district councillors, have all played a helpful role.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the group should email ccsgteam@gmail.com.