JOE Woollard's excellent letter about Albert Street – Reversal welcome (Keighley News, August 29) – also contains the suggestion of reversing the traffic flow in Church Street.

This would have several immediate advantages, and could be achieved very simply by taking a straight line forward from North Street across Low Street into Church Street – this would simply mean removing about a metre's width of flagstones. It would also improve traffic flow through the well-known 'pinch point' caused by the pedestrian crossing, as a lot of southbound traffic would then go via Church Street, instead of having to wait to join the main road traffic on North Street.

I have only lived here for 18 years, so I do not know the past history of Church Street – was it ever two-way? – but why not try it for six months? After all, that proved the inefficiency of making Albert Street one-way for 100 yards; they do say that the simplest solutions are often the best.


Wood View Road


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