POLICE are warning householders to be on their guard after burglaries in the Keighley West and Worth Valley ward areas.

In one incident the intruders gained access via an unlocked patio door, and in the other through an insecure window.

West Yorkshire Police say that sneak-in thefts, or cases of entry being gained through an unlocked door or window, account for around one in four of all burglaries across the force area.

Officers stress that simple steps by householders can help keep the criminals at bay.

"This method of entering someone’s home only occurs if a door or window has been left open or unlocked – it takes just a minute to prevent it and costs nothing," said a spokesman.

"Insecure burglaries can happen when you are out or at home so it is vital that you keep doors and windows locked at all times – even if you are just doing some gardening, nipped round to the neighbours for a chat or gone to the local shop for five minutes.

"Get into the habit of locking-up when you are leaving the house, and lock your door behind you when you arrive home.

"And ensure everyone else who lives in your home does the same thing.

"Also, remember to remove keys from the locks and keep them in a safe place.

"Taking simple steps could prevent you becoming a victim of burglary."