THE Cross is the area of Keighley at the north end of Church Street.

It might seem logical that the area is named after the crossroads of Church Street with Low Street, High Street and North Street, but North Street only came along in the late 19th century and the name is much older than that.

It actually derives from the fact that this end of Church Street used to be the location for Keighley’s market cross. It was positioned opposite what is now the K2 nightclub, before it was moved to its current location outside the church and the Lord Rodney pub.

Prominent buildings around The Cross in the 1950s included Uncle Chadwick’s clothing outfitter. There was also the imposing Midland Bank Chamber at the junction of Church Street and Low Street. Built in the late 19th century, this was demolished in the 1970s, completing the clearance of one side of Church Street.

Images are provided by Keighley and District Local History Society. Information is compiled by chairman Joyce Newton and archivist Tim Neal.