A LABOUR Party demand for an end to repression in Kashmir has been welcomed in Keighley.

A meeting in the town was told that a major humanitarian crisis was taking place.

The territory has been disputed between India and Pakistan for decades.

A Labour conference motion said Kashmir had been under siege from the Indian government since early August, with a communications blackout in place and reports of horrific human rights abuses.

Mrs Manisha Sharma, originally from India, told the Keighley gathering: “Whilst I am from India, I know there are many people who do not wish to see any area in the world suffering – whether it is Kashmir or any other.”

Another attendee, whose family is from Kashmir, said: “I was upset to learn that from early August the region has been under a communications blackout and no one has been able to speak to their loved ones about their wellbeing.

“It also saddens me that schools, hospitals and other public buildings have been closed.

“I just wish to thank the Labour Party for its help in bringing it to the attention of the world.”

Keighley MP, John Grogan, said: “The repression in Kashmir is a human rights issue that the whole world needs to take note of.

“It is noteworthy that many prominent Indian politicians and thinkers have spoken out against it.”

Anyone wishing to get involved in the Keighley initiative should contact Aisha Ali-Khan on 07718 990706.