THE EXTENSION of the low carbohydrate programme in Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven has been warmly welcomed by a group of local campaigners.

The voluntary group Low Carb Skipton, which has members in Keighley and Skipton, believes the initiative is a huge step forward for local diabetics.

Group founder Verner Wheelock said: “We are absolutely delighted at what could be a major turning point for the treatment of diabetics in this area.”

Low Carb Skipton was set up three years ago to promote the low carbohydrate message and has itself seen some notable successes with a number of diabetics reporting a major reduction in their blood sugar levels thanks to the low carb approach.

Group meetings, where experiences are shared and information is given out, take place in Skipton every month and are aimed at diabetics, people with other serious conditions and those who simply want to be healthier or lose weight.

The group’s leader, Dr Wheelock, was professor in food science at Nottingham University before retiring. He has recently written the book Healthy Eating: The Big Mistake which looks at the ‘wrong advice’ delivered in the past 30 years by doctors treating diabetes and other conditions.

Dr Wheelock said of the extended diet programme by the Modality Partnership: “The mainstream health bodies still believe that carbs (pasta, rice, bread and potatoes) should be part of a diabetic diet even though they result in high blood glucose levels.

“Thankfully the Modality initiative is taking things in the right direction and is certain to get the kind of positive glucose-lowering results seen in the recent low carb trials held by the pioneering Southport GP David Unwin. Let’s hope other GP practices take note.”