A BAND of young South Craven School students are hoping for great things following their debut performance at Fallfest.

Revolver played the Glusburn arts festival last month and landed two potential bookings for next year.

Singer and guitarist Ben McManus, drummer Thomas Demain and bass player Ibrahim Shendi, all aged 12, went to Kildwick Primary School together and are now in year eight at South Craven School in Cross Hills.

They write their own material, practise every lunchtime at school and after school, and also practice at weekends at the Jam on Top music studio.

The trio plan to play the open mic night at Jam on Top, off Dalton Lane in Keighley, on the last Thursday in November.

Revolver played in a marquee set up by organisers of Fallfest on Glusburn’s, sharing a stage with the likes of nationally-renowned Queen tribute band The Bohemians, who sold out their Saturday evening performance.