TWO FRIENDS embark upon a series of time travel adventures in the latest fiction from former Keighley man Terry Cavender.

Terry’s ninth book Tinkering With Time features three stories taking inspiration from true events and futuristic science.

The first story is set in the year 2119 as Hull recovers from a neutron bomb attack during world War Three, while the second story asks whether Colonel Thomas Blood really did steal the crown jewels.

The final stay they take place in the year 1888 when the identity of the murderous Jack the Ripper is finally revealed, with startling results.

really did steal the, inspiration from true events. ‘Time-travel’ adventures. Story 1 - they hurtle through time to the Keighley-born Terry Cavender spent 30 years in the British Army, then 18 years with the Ministry of Defence, ending his career as a media operations officer at the Defence School of Transport in Leconfield.

He took early retirement pursue a writing career, beginning with his memoirs.

He has also written, produced and directed several stage plays, films and pantomimes, and now concentrates on writing fiction.

Terry has written several time-travel books, including the recent Mystery, Mischief and Mayhem!, as well as novels like Breaking The 4th Dimension. They are available from Amazon, including as Kindle e-books.

In the time travel stories, retired policeman Graham St Anier and his team of adventurers travel through the ages meeting historical figures like Henry VIII, Adolf Hitler and Louis XVI of France.

At one point team sought hidden treasure in Beverley – where Terry has lived for several years – and more exotic locations like Paris and Austria.