WHO WOULD suggest a pillar of the local establishment could lead a double life as a passionate environmental activist?

This is the question asked by Icelandic film Woman At War which tells how a choir leader leads a secret guerrilla war against a corporate giant polluting the magnificent landscape.

The 50-year-old eco-warrier manages to stay off the radar despite the authorities sending drones, dogs, cars and helicopters in pursuit of this ‘woman in the mountain’.

But can she continue to evade her pursuers until her mission is complete?

There is also a conflicting factor, that the woman wants to adopt a child.

She has almost given up on the idea when she is suddenly given permission to go ahead just as her eco actions are getting bolder.

Halla and her twin sister Asa face the difficulty of nurturing a young life - a Ukrainian young girl who lost both parents to war - in a broken world.

Film Club spokesman Alan Watkinson said: “This Icelandic slowburn action-comedy-drama, a multilingual subtitled film, is directed by Benedikt Erlingsson.

“Woman At War provokes our thoughts about how the environment is managed and how this affects our future - should we give free rein to government and industry leaders or could communities be consulted?”

The Rotten Tomatoes website gave the film a 97% rating with reviewer comments such as “beautifully balances urgency and absurdity” and “manages to be a gripping eco-thriller as well as a sensitive character portrait”.

Woman At War can be seen at Keighley Picture House, North Street, on Sunday October 20 at 6pm. Doors open at 5.35pm.