START from the village centre. From the central crossroads head east along Main Street past the shop.

On the brow turn right on Castle Farm drive, but before entering take a kissing-gate on the right beneath the castle ruins.

The path runs through a slender pasture past the former moat.

At the end of the grounds take a kissing-gate on the left, from where a firm path heads away, swinging left to remain outside the grounds.

With the moat still on your left, from a kissing-gate it runs on an embanked section through trees.

Emerging at a kissing-gate onto a broader way, advance on a concrete path to a kissing-gate.

Through it take another on your right into a field.

Within yards cross a footbridge on a streamlet to the other side of the hedge heading away, and a path runs all the way to the end.

Beyond a wooden bridge on a drain, join and turn right on an access road.

Reaching a fence corner on the left, go left on its near side to a stile.

Over another drain bridge, head away with the hedge on your left.

At the far end take a stile into a sheep pasture, and head away on its left side.

The hedge leads to a gate/stile onto the start of a short green way to a stile onto the road in West Lilling.

Go briefly left then right along a narrow lane, dropping down through open fields to a crossroads: turn right all the way to a T-junction.

Go left to Sheriff Hutton Bridge on the tiny River Foss.

Immediately over the bridge drop right to a thin path upstream, a broader grassy way soon continuing to an access road.

Turn right over the stream and past Foss House.

Advance along the rough road as far as a junction, where turn left all the way to Cornborough Farm.

After the grounds turn right to a bridle-gate set back, and bear right to another corner one.

Bear left on an enclosed course into a field corner, then turn right on the hedgeside cart track.

This gradually rises to a gate into a sloping pasture, then up to one onto a drive at Cornborough Manor.

Turn right along the access road to a sub-station, and from a kissing-gate pass along its perimeter into a field.

A hedgeside path heads away and along two further fieldsides to Mill Hill Farm on your left.

Here bear right to a kissing-gate at the end. Resume along the hedgeside, and after a second field a corner stile puts you into an open field.

Bear right to a corner stile with another behind. Advance along the hedgeside, through a gate/stile and along the base of a sloping field.

At the end the path enters an enclosed green way.

Emerging onto Mill Lane on the village edge, keep straight on to finish.

* This walk is found in Paul’s book ‘Walking in Yorkshire – Howardian Hills & Vale of York’ (£5.99).