KEN Steele says he is coming up to 78 – I voted for free trade (Keighley News, October 3) – but it sounds like he means 1878!

Now I am old, but unlike Ken I’m not living in the past.

I find his statement about our MPs “representing themselves” outrageous.

Our MPs represent our community – John Grogan and Philip Davies work very hard for this town and surrounding area, as did Ann Cryer before them.

A cursory glance at any copy of the Keighley News proves testimony to that.

I may not share their politics or values, but I know through their actions that both of them actually care for all our wellbeing.

However what is even more crass is his comment about rule by Germany. Germany paid a very heavy price for the Second World War, Dresden being an example.

For 70 years they have tried to make amends for that Nazi era. The EU was never led by Germany and peace has prevailed. What is Mr Steele actually talking about, because I for one know free trade is a myth – there is always a quid pro quo?


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