SLIMMING World groups across the Keighley area have celebrated the organisation’s 50th birthday.

Members held parties, featuring ‘Slimming World-friendly’ dishes.

And groups run by Andrea Astin – in Keighley, Denholme, Haworth and Oakworth – were visited by Margaret Miles-Bramwell, founder and chairman of Slimming World.

Carla Weatherill, team developer for the Keighley area and the consultant at Long Lee, said: “All our consultants have absolutely loved throwing ‘golden parties’.

“Celebrating success together, motivating each other, giving support and sharing inspiration is what Slimming World is all about.

“It was so good to see members enjoying the events with a new sense of confidence in themselves – and feel the amazing sense of camaraderie between them. It’s so rewarding to see members happy and having such a good time!

“When our members lose weight it is more than just a physical transformation.

“Many go from being nervous and shy and very uncomfortable with the way they look, to confident, healthy and happy individuals with a new lease of life and a twinkle in their eyes.

“And often they have so much energy thanks to losing weight. They get more active too – walking, swimming, dancing.”

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