WE HAVE two things on our mind this October – a little book and Halloween!

As the museum gets ready for Halloween, and our popular Late-Night Thursday spooky storytelling sessions, we’re all busy spreading the word about a very precious Brontë book that is soon to come up for auction in Paris.

As some of you may know, when the Brontë children were in their teens, they made ‘little books’, packed with stories and advertisements, written in the tiniest handwriting imaginable.

The one coming up for auction was made by Charlotte Brontë when she was just 14. It’s dated August 19 1830 and is no bigger than a matchbox.

This is one in a sequence of six little books, of which five are known to survive, and we hold the other four.

These tiny manuscripts are among our most loved and treasured exhibits – they are a massive favourite with our visitors, young and old. No one can quite believe the scale!

We have one on display in the exhibition room and even with the use of a magnifying glass, I find it impossible to read, as the writing is so tiny. They really are remarkable and unique objects!

We’re campaigning very hard to raise funds, so we can bid for the book at the auction in Paris and bring it back to Haworth.

This book came up for auction a few years ago, and we were outbid, so we’re desperate to get it this time.

If you want to help us bring the book home to Haworth (and every penny helps!) you can donate in person at the museum, or donate online at bronte.org.uk/support-us/donate or call 01535 642323.

On the day of Halloween itself, we’re open until 7.30pm, and as usual with Late-Night Thursday, admission is free after 5.30pm to locals living in the BD22, BD21, BD20 postcodes as well as Thornton, where the Bronte children were born.

I love the atmosphere in the museum after thee clocks have gone back, so come along to enjoy the rooms by candlelight and listen to spooky tales.

There’s no need to book; just turn up with your children (or without!) for a half-term treat.

And as I mentioned last month, we have the legendary John Agard in Haworth on Saturday November 2.

John is performing in Haworth’s Hall Green Baptist Chapel at 5pm – an ideal time for families to come along after a day out!

John is a writer of books for children and adults, won the Queen’s Gold Medal for poetry in 2012 and has received numerous prizes for his writing.

Many students study John’s poems for their English GCSE, and he gives readings around the world, so we believe we’re very honoured to have him perform for us in Haworth.

He’s a mesmerising performer, and has been described as ‘one of the most eloquent contemporary poets – rich in literary and cultural allusion, yet as direct as a voice in the bus queue’.

Tickets can be bought online by visiting bronte.org.uk/whats-on or by calling 01535 640192 or simply turn up at Hall Green Baptist Chapel and buy tickets on the door.

Tickets cost just £10/£8 or £2 for 16-25 year olds.