KEIGHLEY has its very own crack unit dedicated to tracking down beloved pets lost on the town’s mean streets.

The three women of Busters Animal SOS Team have successfully returned a kennelful of dogs to their owners in Keighley and Bingley.

The Busters trio went public with their service after reading in the Keighley News about a national pet rescue squad that recently visited Keighley.

The uniformed agents of Animal Search UK, who have a marked patrol car, searched gardens and knocked on doors in Utley in search of lost cat Beano.

Until now Busters have operated under the radar, similar to the A-Team, the fictional 80s group of good guys who hid from view in the ‘Los Angeles underground’.

Busters were known only to users of Facebook, who could call on their services through a page where people can also post pictures of dogs lost across the town.

Keighley women Jane Hudson, Vivienne Hanson and Caroline Spence, who operate from a mobile HQ with Dog Unit markings, now want to reach the wider public.

Jane said the trio came together to search for a dog called Buster, taking their name from the animal and adopting the motto ‘one goal, one agenda, never give up”.

She said: “Since then we’ve evolved, and we now have a great team of volunteers that will go above and beyond to get lost dogs home again via microchips.

“That’s why it’s really important that microchips are kept up to date. If a dog isn’t chipped we will actively search for an owner.

“We put out posters and walk the area where the dog was found, and if after 24 hours we haven’t found an owner we will get the Dog Warden to collect it, because that’s the law.”

During the search operation, Busters volunteers will monitor social media sites, and others go out scanning found dogs for microchips.

She said: “We also offer to check microchips and help with change of details. We have a qualified implanter of microchips. We will coordinate ground searches and if necessary, if a dog needs trapping, we can do that.

“Our aim is to reunite as many dogs as we possibly can, as it’s better to be home than in the pound.”

Visit the Busters Animal SOS Team on Facebook for more information.