I WAS a little perplexed by David Petyt’s letter regarding traffic flow in Church Street – (‘Junction the problem’, Keighley News, October 3).

He questioned, if the current traffic flow was reversed, how traffic driving down High Street would turn right into Church Street? The simple answer is it couldn’t – just as it can’t now!

The only change here would be that traffic travelling south along North Street would have the option to go straight through Church Street on to Bridge Street.

He is however right in saying that a problem lies at the junction of Worth Way and South Street.

We really do have traffic-flow problems at this side of our town so might I suggest: * Eliminate all parking on North Street – this would allow for two unimpeded lanes of traffic and maybe put a stop to the current jostling for position as nearside lane drivers try to edge into the right hand lane.

* Introduce a traffic light/roundabout system at the junction of Worth Way and South Street – it might work or it might not work but surely it’s worth a try.

* Introduce a roundabout at the junction of West Lane and Oakworth Road – currently all traffic from West Lane is forced to turn left down to the High Street roundabout. A roundabout at the bottom of West Lane would allow a significant amount of traffic to turn right into Oakworth Road thereby reducing the volume of traffic entering the High Street roundabout.

These are simply my ideas and as I am no expert - let’s see what solutions the experts at Bradford Council can come up with.

JOE WOOLLARD Bogthorn, Keighley