FIREFIGHTERS came under attack as they answered an emergency call in Highfield during Bonfire Night.

Fireworks were aimed at the crew's fire engine in Redcliffe Street during an evening that saw fewer attacks on firefighters across the county than in recent years.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said there were just three firework attacks on their vehicles, the other incidents at Lidget Green in Bradford and Banstead Park in Harehills.

The Service said Bonfire Night was busy, with more than 500 calls received by the control room between 5pm last night and 1am this morning.

A spokesman said staff in the control room and firefighters worked tirelessly, attending a total of 149 incidents across West Yorkshire - with 66 of those incidents being bonfire-related.

The spokesman said not all calls required an attendance, some were duplicates, and in some cases advice could be given.

Benjy Bush, Tactical Commander for the Bonfire period, said: “The majority of people celebrated safely however there were unfortunately some incidents of reckless behaviour with fireworks across West Yorkshire including attacks on fire engines which we condemn. Fortunately there were no injuries reported.

“The level of attacks has been fewer than in some recent years - but any attack on our crews who are working hard to keep the public safe is one too many.

“However, what we’d really like to focus on is the vast majority of the public who celebrated safely, whether it was attending an organised bonfire or hosting small celebrations at home. We would also like to thank our partner agencies, community volunteers and community leaders who have pulled together supporting us around the bonfire period.

“As usual Bonfire Night has been one of our busiest nights of the year – and I’d like to pay tribute to our staff who worked really hard to keep people safe and quickly deal with any fires that got out of control."

For anyone who is planning on having a bonfire this weekend, the Fire and Rescue Service has advice on its website including top tips to keep families safe.