COUNCILLORS are backing demands by Steeton residents for one of the steepest streets in the village to be gritted.

Villagers say High Street is plagued by accidents in icy conditions after cars lose control as they speed into the village from Hollins Bank Lane.

They claim some motorists have been forced to drive into parked cars or walls to avoid skidding all the way to the bottom of the hill.

Residents fear the problem will be worse this winter because Hollins Bank Lane – which runs along the hillside from Utley – is being used as a rat-run by drivers wishing to avoid roadworks at Hard Ings Road in Keighley.

Around a dozen residents of houses on and around High Street attended this month’s Steeton-with-Eastburn Parish Council meeting to demand action.

They spoke to district councillors Rebecca Whitaker and Owen Goodall, who attended the meeting, and the two councillors passed their concerns to Bradford Council officers.

Councillor Whitaker confirmed she had spoken on the phone to the officer in charge of gritting.

She said: “I have stressed that this road is on a school route and a possible emergency route for the hospital. He has assured me that he will inspect the route and give it his consideration.

“The issue is cars sliding from the top of High Street, which is quite steep. The only way they can stop is to drive into the wall. Local people know to go slow because of the danger.

“I understand that residents at the bottom of the road put out their own grit.”

John Parker, one of the residents, said: “We are pressing Highways to reinstate the winter gritting schedule. Problems started when gritting stopped about five years ago.

“Mention was made at the parish council meeting of other traffic problems on High Street but winter gritting is the most pressing one.”

Gemma Pemberton-Williamson , of Seed Hill Terrace, which runs off High Street, said traffic had increased “exceptionally” since work began on Hard Ings Road.

She said her daughter now faced danger walking down High Street to school, and she and her husband Dean had problems pulling out into High Street in their car due to vehicles speeding past.

She said: “We’ve only been gritted once in the past years. Winter is coming and you can’t get up or down down the road safely. A lot of residents have to leave their cars at the bottom of the hill.”