HELP is available to South Craven families in fuel poverty.

More than 2,300 households across Craven are said to be ‘fuel poor’, with heating bills that would leave them below the poverty line.

Throughout North Yorkshire, the total exceeds 24,000.

Now the Warm and Well in North Yorkshire project is raising awareness of the support on offer.

It says assistance can be given for families to save money and look after themselves this winter.

Laura Thomas, Warm and Well in North Yorkshire co-ordinator, said: “Excess winter deaths increased between 2017 and last year, and a third were caused by respiratory conditions worsened by cold weather.

“As well as posing a threat to life, being too cold at home severely impacts physical and mental health. Arthritis, asthma, stress and anxiety can all be made worse by the unavailability of affordable warmth.

“For those struggling with finances, paying for energy supplies can be a challenge. But Warm and Well in North Yorkshire is helping to tackle this issue through home visits and a range of other services.”

One resident saved £818 on her annual fuel bills when the project helped her to switch energy supplier.

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire also directed her to Citizen’s Advice to apply for attendance allowance.

The scheme can also help families benefit from the Warm Home Discount Scheme, which provides a one-off grant of up to £140 to those on low incomes in the run-up to winter.

Of the people the project has helped so far this year, 34 per cent who were eligible hadn’t previously claimed the discount – which equated to a total of £6,720 in unclaimed support from the big energy companies.

Laura added: “The £140 payment can go a long way to easing financial pressure on families during the winter and is set-up in such a way that it reaches those who need it the most.

“It always gives me such a boost to see the difference this discount can make to people’s lives.”

Warm & Well in North Yorkshire is funded by the British Gas Energy Trust and is delivered through organisations across the county.

It also provides training and information for frontline workers.

For further information about the support on offer from the project, visit or call 01609 767555.