ORIGINALLY from Halifax, I rarely shop in Keighley.

I needed help in fixing a guitar string for the special school, Beechcliffe School, where I work.

So, I called in to the Royal Arcade as it had a guitar shop. I checked the opening hours first and headed down in my lunch hour, only to find it was shut!

Seeing me waiting outside, the very nice lady from the flower shop opposite popped out to tell me that the guitarman had just gone to the bank, and that he would be back shortly.

Whilst waiting, I struck up a conversation with another nice guy – 'Alan', a local musician, who'd called to pick up his guitar.

He kindly let me go first as I was in a hurry. The required part was matched straightaway, and when I came to pay the 50 pence charge, I found I only had dog biscuits in my pocket!

Once again, the kindly chap came to my aid! He paid for my purchase and gave me a much-needed boost in my faith in human nature.

I'm left with the impression that wherever you go in Keighley you meet the nicest people!

Is it true that every shop I go in, the person behind me will pay? I love this town!


Teacher at Beechcliffe Special School, Keighley

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