KEIGHLEY town councillors are backing the new volunteer-run support group for Keighley Library.

Jane Lee, chairman of the recently established Friends of Keighley's Carnegie Library, gave a presentation about the group to Keighley Town Council.

She spoke about the Friends' aims and objectives, and their progress towards becoming a 'preferred partner' of Bradford Council so it could work with them to preserve and future-proof Keighley’s library.

She said: "The councillors warmly approved and endorsed the efforts of the Friends and agreed to co-operate and collaborate with us.

“I’m really touched by the reaction of the councillors. It was a very heartening appreciation of our efforts.

"The library means so much to so many people; every time I talk about the Friends and what we’re doing, someone will recount memories of the happy and inspiring times they’ve spent in the Keighley Carnegie Library, formative experiences you just don’t get online or with Amazon. I even recruited new members!

"Keighley Borough Council matched Andrew Carnegie’s £10,000 and Keighley Town Council is the natural heir to the old Borough Council’s generous gift, donated to fit out the library.

"Together I hope we can help to ensure that the library remains fit for purpose as a 21st century beacon of learning and culture for all."