TERRORVISION, the 90s rock legends with members from Keighley, have announced two gigs in Leeds. They will play on February 7 and 8 at the city’s Warehouse to celebrate its refurbishment.

Terrorvision were born in 1988 out of the remnants of a glam rock mess called Spoilt Brats, an amalgamation of art school buddies Mark Yates and Leigh Marklew, from Keighley, drumming loon Shutty and long-haired urchin Tony Wright.

They broke into the mainstream with their second album How Make Friends And Influence People, which spawned five top 30 singles during 1994, and they became one of the decade’s biggest musical festival bands.

Fourth album Shaving Peaches featured massive hit Tequila, taking them to number two in the UK charts in 1999, but soon afterwards they were dropped by major label EMI.

The noughties saw the guys busy with other musical projects, reforming occasionally from one-off gigs, and this formula has continued in recent years.