LITTER blitzes lasting just an hour have proved a success in neighbourhoods across Keighley.

The One Hour Tidy events will continue in 2020 following their introduction this year by regeneration scheme Keighley Big Local. Residents came together 21 times during 2019 to clear streets and public spaces near their homes in ‘Keighley Valley’ communities.

Big Local covers neighbourhoods alongside the River Worth between Ingrow and Stockbridge, including Woodhouse, Spring Bank, Parkwood, Worth Village, Thwaites, and Red Holt on the site of the former Grove Mills.

Big Local coordinator Shaun O’Hare said 127 bags of litter had been collected, adding: “There is a lot you can achieve in one hour. Alongside the many bags collected, we have found large items such as bikes, patio furniture, fridges and a rabbit hutch.

“The biggest hauls were Red Holt, where the children on the estate have come out in all weathers supported by a group of mums, and Riddlesden where the Toad Patrollers encourage residents to get out and take part.

Riddlesden Toad Patrol is made up of residents who help toad cross the road on their way to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Mr O’Hare added: “Bradford Council Cleansing Team collect all the litter we pick, and dispose of it correctly at Stockbridge Waste Depot.

“Great partnerships developed with ASDA involve recycling clear plastic we find, and providing treats and refreshments for volunteers.

“Riddlesden Cricket Club open their doors to provide a brew for litter pickers and we have had a number of neighbours come out and provide snacks, drinks and words of encouragement.”

Mr O’Hare said the One Hour Tidys would continue into next year, complementing other initiatives including River Worth Friends’ clean-ups and the Clean Streets of Keighley East.