FIREFIGHTERS rescued a man after he became stuck on the banks of a fast-flowing beck early this morning.

The man got into difficulty alongside North Beck, close to Worth Way in Keighley.

He alerted the fire service using his mobile phone.

A crew from Bingley Fire Station, specially trained in water rescues, joined colleagues from Keighley and Illingworth fire stations at the scene.

The alarm was raised at about 12.30am.

The man stayed on his phone speaking to the brigade control room and the device was used to pinpoint his location.

Firefighters used an extension ladder – and then waded across the beck – to reach him, and carried him back to dry land.

The man – in his 20s – was suffering from the effects of the cold, but was not physically hurt.

A Keighley fire service spokesman said: "The beck is just a couple of metres wide on that stretch and the water is only knee-high, but it was very fast flowing.

"It's not clear precisely how the man had ended up on the bank."