SCHOOLS across the district are being invited to take part in a bird survey.

The RSPB is staging its annual Big Schools’ Birdwatch, which records the numbers and breeds of birds visiting school grounds.

Pupils and teachers are asked to spend an hour watching and counting the birds – and then submit the results to the charity.

The survey can be carried out anytime before February 21.

More than a million schoolchildren have participated in the initiative since it was launched in 2002.

Last year, 60,000 children and teachers took part – counting more than 100,000 birds.

The blackbird was the most seen species, with an average of eight per school. It was spotted at 89 per cent of all participating schools.

Robins, house sparrows and woodpigeons also featured prominently.

Rachael Albon, who co-ordinates the project for the RSPB, said: “Big Schools’ Birdwatch is a fun, educational activity which is free to every school. It’s flexible enough to deliver curriculum learning during lesson time or be used as part of a school-based club in any age group.

“It also gives children an opportunity to get outside and experience and learn about wildlife local to them.”

For more details and to take part, visit