STUDENTS at Parkside School in Cullingworth have spoken of their experiences at the World Scout Jamboree in America.

Oliver Rhodes, Maisie Pickard and Zoe Capstick were among 4,000 UK Scouts joining many thousands from across the world.

During their expedition they visited New York, Washington DC and Toronto as well as the jamboree campsite in West Virginia.

Oliver said he made wonderful memories and friendships during a packed fortnight of activities like Mexican themed nights, laser shows, baseball match, and visiting Niagara Falls.

He said: “We attended the opening ceremony with 48,000 Scouts. I lost my voice from joining in with songs, chants and dancing. I completed all sorts of activities from climbing to my favourite activity to team paddle boarding.

“I explored different cultures and faiths, different types of food, and had the opportunity to meet and talk with other scouts from around the world.”

Maisie said the “inspiring” jamboree experience, including white water rafting and rock climbing, gave her a new insight on the world.

She said: “I tried things I’d never tasted, known or done. There was never a dull moment. As we travelled across America the views were phenomenal.

“Once we had arrived at the jamboree the colours and culture was captivating. There were people from all across the world. I made friends not just from England.”

Zoe Capstick said she experienced many cultures and traditions across the world during her trip to America.

She said: “The jamboree allowed me to meet so many new people from countless different countries and cultures. This showed me how different, yet similar, we all are. 

“Through the selection process, fundraising, and the three weeks itself, I have grown so much as a person.”