EIGHT teachers from Long Lee Primary School are heading to Spain.

The group will spend next month’s half-term holiday in the country learning the language.

During the trip, which is an Erasmus+ project funded through the European Union, the teachers will take part in 15 hours of language classes and cultural activities.

The aim is to integrate Spanish into daily teaching and learning back in school and encourage interest in the wider world among pupils.

Spanish teacher and project leader, Mrs Shelley Hiles, said: “This experience will enhance the professional skills and competencies of staff and will enable them to become good role models for language learning.

“We wish to promote positive attitudes to languages and other cultures and for children to be curious about the wider world.”

She is being joined on the trip by Laura Turner, Rebecca Whitaker, Rachel Richardson, Katie Roy, Sam Tretton, Charles Balmforth and George Williams.

Long Lee Primary School is part of the Footprints Federation.