A POPULAR tipple produced by Keighley brewery Timothy Taylor has been rebranded.

The family-owned company is now selling its dark beer, Ram Tam, under the name Landlord Dark.

“With an ever-increasing interest in dark beers we feel the time is right to introduce Ram Tam – which is currently mainly regional – to a wider audience,” said a spokesman.

“Ram Tam is brewed to the multi-award-winning Landlord Pale Ale recipe, but with the addition of caramelised sugars to give a rich yet light dark ale. We selected the Landlord Dark name to reflect the beer’s true pedigree.

“Drinkers, particularly younger adults, are becoming more experimental and seeking a choice of beer styles.

“With the new name having a very recognisable connection to our most popular brand, Landlord – which is found across the UK – we’re hopeful that customers, pubs and wholesalers will trial it through association.”

Landlord Dark was made available to publicans late last month and the bottled range branding is now being updated.