FEISTY acoustic duo PlumHall perform songs from their latest album The Ghost of Noise at Wilsden Village Hall on February 29 will raise money for the hall.

Spokesman Paul Hall said The Ghost of Noise was the follow-up to PlumHall’s acclaimed album Thundercloud and has been a while in the making.

He said: “The result is new songs which encapsulate the songwriting skills, beautiful harmonies and strident acoustic guitar that has become the trademark of PlumHall.

“With the film The Runaways being launched recently, for which PlumHall curated the music and produced new material, we couldn’t be more pleased.

“This is part of the Music in the Villages initiative where we are hoping to engage the three communities of Cullingworth, Wilsden, and Harden in regular events across many genres of music and performing arts.”

Tickets cost £8 from the Village Hall, Wilsden Post-Office, or by visiting website Eventbrite.