START your walk from the Country Park car park on the on A61.

From the car park turn right on the roadside footway across Newmiller Dam embankment then right along the shore, passing the Boathouse and a causeway to reach a major fork past the lake head.

Go straight ahead, rising through trees to a level bridleway, where bear right.

Ignore a lesser right fork to reach a major cross-paths, and straight on to leave the trees.

Your path crosses a field, merging with a stream which you cross on a tiny bridge.

Resuming upstream, soon your path is signed right up the field to enter trees.

In the cutting in front is an old railway.

Go left above the cutting to a bridge: don’t cross but continue on your path dropping onto the old line.

Go left for a lengthy spell, emerging onto a long, embanked section.

Passing beneath two bridges it curves around to another: don’t pass under but bear right up steps onto a road.

Cross and follow an enclosed path parallel with the line below.

Approaching woodland, take a right branch to resume along the field edge, curving round to a bridge over another former railway.

Across, turn right on the field edge overlooking the line.

At the end a broad, hedgerowed section leads to a road junction at Royston.

Bear right, and past a former rail bridge turn sharp left on a path beneath the line.

This runs an enclosed course through a hollow onto Applehaigh Lane, turning right into Notton.

Pass the shop and green, then go left on the main road before crossing to turn right on Ingswell Drive.

At an immediate fork go right a few yards, then left on a snicket between houses.

Emerging into a field, the firm path runs outside gardens to cross a footbridge into open fields.

Remain on the broad path heading away, commencing a gently rising stride on a broad green course.

It traces the crest of the field to discover the old bridge from earlier hidden amid trees.

Cross and retrace steps a few yards left, then down steps onto the line.

Turn right to commence a lengthy spell back to the country park.

Approaching Bushcliff Wood and a tall bridge, take a path bearing right up to the bridge.

Don’t cross, but turn briefly right to a path junction in trees.

Go briefly left onto a brow, where a thinner but clear path forks right.

Follow this down through trees, over a cross-track and down to run along to rejoin the main track.

Bear right on its level course, soon winding down to a broad junction at a clearing. Go left to an open area by the reservoir-head bridge from earlier: don’t cross but turn left on the broad path.

The lake quickly appears, and soon opens out to remain alongside all the way back to the start.

This walk is found in Paul’s new book ‘Walking in Yorkshire – West Yorkshire Countryside’ (£5.99)