A KEIGHLEY mother-of-three has embarked on a second round of fundraising after her cancer returned.

Gemma Wilkinson and her family successfully raised thousands of pounds last year to make essential adaptations to their LongLee home after losing her leg to the disease.

Now Gemma, who has three children, Luca 16, Georgia, eight, and Jack, seven, is raising cash to pay the costs of travel and accommodation for cancer treatment in Birmingham and Leeds.

The fundraising, which includes a gofundme.come page, skydive, family fun day and dance event, aims to take pressure off her husband Paul, 39.

Gemma said: “We are in a position where Paul either hands his notice in or takes a zero pay career break. Both these options leave him only being able to claim £66 a week carer’s allowance which is a big drop from his wage.

Gemma said that over the next few months the majority of her treatment would be in Birmingham and Leeds.

She said: “The travel and accommodation costs are going to leave us struggling immensely - it costs £100 for each trip and stay in Birmingham for one night.

“I don’t want Paul having this stress on top of the extra caring responsibilities, of finding money for travel whilst trying to keep the children’s lives as normal as possible.”

Gemma said the fundraising would cover ongoing costs of going back and forth to hospital appointments, treatment, surgery and follow-ups.

Gemma had to have her left leg amputated last year after contracting osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

The first fundraising was organised by local charity Lifecare UK to provide special facilities at Gemma’s home, such as a wet room and accessibility improvements.

Her ordeal started in November 2018 when she began to get pains in her left leg, and was originally told by her GP that it was a muscular injury.

Following further investigation cancer was suspected, and Gemma, then working at Holroyd’s estate agents, saw a specialist in Birmingham.

Osteosarcoma Cancer, which affects around 160 people in the UK every year, was diagnosed. Following chemotherapy, surgeons operated to remove the tumour.

In order to donate, visit gofundme.com and type Gemma Wilkinson into the search box.

There will be a family fun day to raise money for the appeal at the Dickie Bird pub, Long Lee, on March 7 from 2pm, with raffle, prize bingo, games, live music, food and drink, and karaoke.

Claire Potts and Laura Clarke plan to do a skydive in June, and Angela Fish is arranging a Dance For Gem on March 27 including Zumba and clubbercise.