A PROFESSIONAL musician has spoken of his honour in playing for the amateur choir Voices of Yorkshire.

James Eager played bass as the choir – made up of sub- choirs from Silsden, Bingley, Skipton and Oakworth – came together to perform at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax.

He said the energy at the concert was amazing and it ended up “one of those gigs where I remembered why I play music”.

James knows choir founder Nick Ingram from him singing in James’s band Metropolis for seven years before moving from London to Leeds.

Nick started Voices of Yorkshire about two years ago, and it has grown to more than 250 singers who practice in four locations.

James said: “It was clear each singer had their own story why they were there, and clearly singing in the Voices of Yorkshire was something they cared deeply about.

“It struck me how powerful music can be, and how something can start off as tiny seed and grow into something incredible, especially with the hard work, drive and talent of a guy like Nick at the helm

“What’s more it struck me how music creates friendships. What a privilege to witness first hand the great things your friends achieve. And the power of music to unite people and create deep meaningful friendships.

“I’ve found it’s easy to forget this stuff, especially having done it for a living for so many years. It’s great to revisit the feelings and emotions which inspired me to want to play the bass in the first place.

“Well done Nick - you’ve achieve something extraordinary.”