A WARNING has been issued to householders following a burglary at Ingrow.

Intruders gained access to the property, in Ashbourne Road, after a key was left in the lock on the inside of a door.

“The suspects smashed a window in the door and opened it using the key,” said a police spokesman.

“Please do not leave keys in locks.”

West Yorkshire Police say there is a range of measures people can take to protect their home and deter burglars.

“It’s really important that you have adequate levels of physical security on your doors and windows – and that you use the security you have,” said the spokesman.

Other advice includes not leaving items such as car keys, money, jewellery, mobile phones and laptops on view.

Ensure property around your home is marked and keep a written and photographic record of items of financial or sentimental value. And shred any personal receipts, statements, bills or official documentation before throwing them away.