A KEIGHLEY firm has brought its customer service back in-house.

Online VW campervan parts retailer Kiravans had outsourced calls through another company.

But a spokesman says: “Recently we decided it was the best solution for Kiravans to bring calls back in-house, mainly because our product knowledge is second to none and we can offer direct first-hand support and advice to our customers when they really need it.

“Since the changeover, we have seen massive benefits.

“It feels like we now have a much closer relationship with our customers.

“The customer reviews we receive are always so positive and speak volumes – they emphasise that we have made the right choice.”

Kiravans has increased its customer support team to four and in November moved into new, open-plan office space.

“The entire team now sits together – this change has been really successful for us because all departments are now integrated which allows for easier communication and collaboration among employees,” said the spokesman.

“We’re always sharing ideas and learning so much from one another!”