HAWORTH in the USA has reached out to its Worth Valley counterpart after the borough suffered its first coronavirus victims.

The librarian of Haworth, New Jersey, sent pictures of the disease-hit town to the former parish council chairman of Yorkshire’s Haworth. Beth Potter sent the pictures across the Atlantic to John Huxley as the suburban community treated its first three positive cases of the disease.

Mr Huxley said: “The pictures show how they are locking down just like the West Yorkshire version.”

Haworth, incorporated as a borough in 1904, is described as a beautiful, comfortable and family-friendly community located in Bergen County.

With roots dating back to the Pre-Revolutionary War, Haworth began as a farming community but developed into a residential suburb of 2.2 square miles within easy commuting distance of New York City.

The mayor and council of Haworth are giving regular updates online to the residents, after local parks were closed and a testing centre was set up in the community college that can test 500 people a day.

The mayor said: “This is a time when rumors and misinformation can run rampant and we want to make certain you are fully informed. We hope all four positive cases are well on the road to full recovery.

“While this can seem to be an overwhelming situation, we must remain positive in our conviction that we are doing the right things to protect the health of our community.

“The final responsibility and resolution of this crisis remains with how each of us conducts ourselves in the coming days and weeks.”

“In typical Haworth fashion, as soon as the need for self-quarantining became clear, the Senior Shoppers formed.

“More than 40 volunteers are available to shop for our Senior and/or immuno-compromised residents.”