HOUSEHOLDERS in this region fork out more every year on utility bills than their counterparts anywhere else in the UK.

Residents in Yorkshire and the Humber pay an average of £978 annually, according to energy cost experts at

And within the region, Bradford district has the highest annual spend – £1,100 per household.

The data was compiled using more than 18,000 energy performance certificates, which are required for properties when they are built, sold or let.

Residents in Yorkshire and the Humber are currently paying £203 more each year than people living in London.

SaveonEnergy also surveyed 2,197 householders about their utility bill anxieties.

One third of respondents said they struggled to pay their bills on time and over 80 per cent were worried about charges rising.

There are concerns about bills soaring during the current coronavirus ‘lockdown’.

“Whilst social distancing and working from home is imposed for people across the UK worry has begun to set in about how much utility bill prices are likely to rise over the next few months,” said a spokesman.

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