TRIBUTE has been paid to schools in Keighley and across the district for their support during the coronavirus crisis.

Schools were officially closed by the Government over a fortnight ago, but were asked to provide places for the children of key workers and youngsters identified as vulnerable.

In Keighley district, most of the 30-plus schools have remained open and are offering provision.

Where schools are shut, arrangements have been made for pupils to be accommodated at other nearby sites.

“I want to thank all the staff at our district’s schools for the way they have pulled together to make sure there are enough places for children who are vulnerable or those whose parents are key workers in the fight against the virus,” said Councillor Imran Khan, Bradford Council’s portfolio holder for education, employment and skills.

“I also want to thank our council team, which has worked so hard in co-ordinating this effort.

“This has not been an easy time for schools and I know there has been a huge amount of work that’s gone into making sure places and school meals are available.

“I know too that the closure of schools has caused huge disruption for children and young people across our district and their parents – particularly those pupils who were set to take exams this summer, which have had to be cancelled.

“I understand how frustrating this must be for those pupils, but we are in unprecedented times and staying at home so that you, your family and your friends are safe and making sure that we don’t put pressure on our frontline services is the right thing to do.”

He said schools had worked closely with the council to draw-up emergency plans and to ensure there were sufficient places for the children who needed them, and that the work would continue over the coming weeks – including during what would have been the school Easter holidays.

Parents of those children identified as needing a place can find out which schools are open to them on the Bradford Council website – at

Councillor Khan added: “The council has also been taking steps to signpost parents whose children and families are at home to information and advice that will help support their health and wellbeing and answer questions about where to go if things become difficult at home.”

At many schools, pupils have produced artwork expressing support for NHS staff and other key workers.

Michael Westerman, a Keighley town councillor, took a photo of posters he spotted while walking past Long Lee Primary. “It was so nice to see the children’s work,” he said.