CROSSFLATTS Cricket Club's second team skipper, Lee Bailey, has been challenged by former team-mate David Hall to shave off his precious grey, white, silver and black locks.

And a wager between the pair over the challenge will hopefully see some precious money raised for the struggling Oxenhope-based Manorlands Hospice.

Hall, 48 yesterday (April 16), felt that Bailey's hair was looking a bit unkempt with his hairdresser currently closed due to the coronavirus,

On social media, Hall joked: "You’re normally such a well groomed male, so it's funny seeing pictures of you on Facebook looking like you’ve been dragged through a fence backwards."

The pair exchanged more jokes on Facebook, before Hall challenged his 40-year-old friend to a fundraising dare.

He said: "Seeing Captain Tom Moore's (a 99-year-old war veteran from Keighley) fundraising efforts for the NHS (over £17m so far) has made me think.

"I wonder how much we could raise for Manorlands Hospice if you shaved your hair?"

Lee, who is affectionately known as the White Feather due to the colour of his hair, replied: "I will shave it off if you can raise £500 or more for Manorlands Hospice by noon next Friday (24 April)."

The pair agreed to the terms of the deal, so it is now down to Hall and the people of Crossflatts to hit the fundraising target.

The Oxenhope-based hospice is at risk of closure because the coronavirus pandemic has halted fundraising events and donations.

Hall said: "We all have friends and relatives that have visited the Hospice and it will be a very sad day if it closes down due to the lack of funding.

"We are just trying to do our bit to keep it open, and any donations will be appreciated."

If you want to donate to this worthy fundraising event, please visit