THE organisers of Lee Bailey's #GeneralWatch Manorlands Hospice Fundraiser have played their latest hand.

They will be hosting an online poker night tomorrow night (Friday), with 50 per cent of the proceeds being pledged to the cause.

The #GeneralWatch Poker Night idea came from Mark Whitford, who has already played an integral role in the fundraiser by donating official #GeneralWatch mugs to the cause.

Whitford said: "We have already raised a lot more than we anticipated and we keep getting egged on by our friends and families to carry on and see how much more we can raise.

"Earlier in the week, I put the feelers out about hosting an online poker night and it went down well with everyone.

"Now we just need to get as many players involved as we can to make it as successful as possible.

"If things go well, we could make this a weekly event.

"Manorlands' survival is very important to us and we will be doing everything in our power to raise as much money as we can, while having a good laugh along the way."

The #GeneralWatch fundraiser has raised £2,098 at the time of writing, but the organisers are now hoping to break the £3,000 barrier before the end of May.

Official #GeneralWatch mugs are still available.

These were kindly donated by Whitford's company

If you wish to buy one, please make a minimum donation of £6 per mug, stating your full name and delivery address.

To visit the fundraising page, go to: