KEIGHLEY MP Robbie Moore is fasting for three days in honour of constituents taking part in the Islamic festival of Ramadan.

Ramadan involves refraining from eating and drinking between dawn and dusk. Once the sun has set, participants are allowed a meal known as the Iftar, and prior to sunrise a meal called the Suhoor.

Mr Moore said: “I understand how important religious festivals are to people in our constituency.

“We are incredibly lucky to have such a diverse community and therefore to stand in solidarity with my Muslim constituents, I am observing Ramadan for three days. As well as fasting and prayer, Ramadan is about reflection and community. Many people, including myself, have had much time to reflect during these months and the community spirit shown by constituents has been heart-warming.”

Mr Moore will begin his fast tomorrow (May 19) and finish at sunrise on Friday.