GREEN Party campaigners have praised Keighley Bus Company for its efforts during the coronavirus crisis.

But they say the firm and other bus operators must have more financial support from the Government.

People unable to work from home are being encouraged to return to work where it is safe to do so, but are being urged to avoid using public transport if possible.

Anna Watson, for the Green Party, says: “It’s all well and good telling people to either use their car, or walk or cycle – but not everyone has that option.

“Keighley Bus Company has done a sterling job keeping buses clean and safe during the current situation, but it – just like every other bus company – is going to come under increased financial pressure to keep services running whilst collecting fewer fares because they are limited to the number of people they can carry.

“At the start of the crisis, the Government announced big bailouts for airlines but the support for bus companies has so far been missing.”