IT is truly magnificent to see the enthusiasm to get a long-term memorial in Keighley for Captain Tom regarding his efforts for the National Health Service in the current pandemic situation.

However it seems a little sad that another real true patriot of Keighley, Ian Dewhirst, has not already been designated a memorial plaque or area.

Ian Dewhirst served Keighley as a librarian, talented speaker, columnist for various magazines and newspapers, a local TV presenter and historian with dedicated enthusiasm.

He also wrote many books and presented meetings with a passion for Keighley for 50-plus years and was Keighley's very own hidden national treasure.

His complete dedication to preserving Keighley's history and heritage and perfect personality was loved and admired by many hundreds of locals and people further afield, thus if any memorial areas are to be considered he should be top of the list.

He may not have shown the character and resolve of Captain Tom but surely he deserves recognition if memorial gardens and areas are to be considered.

This in no way detracts from the incredible efforts of Captain Tom in a one-off situation, but we should recognise our own special man who is still missed by a considerable amount of people.



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