POTHOLES on Marsh Lane at Oxenhope were reported to Bradford Council many moons ago – some of the people they were reported to have even since retired!

Nothing was done, despite promises made to me.

But just recently I was confronted with signs relating to road resurfacing in the area.

"Oh about time!" I thought.

One of the roads that was so signed was the 'motorway to nowhere' – Hawksbridge Lane, Oxenhope, a no-through-road that serves a few farms and houses and is not in too bad a state of repair at all.

The surrounding roads are a disgrace – potholes everywhere, blocked gullies etc.

My cynical mind suggests that resurfacing a road that does not urgently require such work is an excuse for 'the Met brigade' to expunge the news that roads are being resurfaced in the area as they should be.

Having thought a little more, I am pleased the council is not mending the road on Marsh Lane, as the repair I sought has finally been...well, look at my photo.

Such was my outrage at the 'quality' of the repair I contacted the highways department and asked if it had such a thing as quality control.


Marsh, Oxenhope

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